meet the team



Jesuslike bought a couple Ether back in 2019, started investing into NFT´s since 2021 and fell in Love with the whole Ecosystem and is now trying some exciting Stuff. “Rescue Turtlez is a Social Experiment with HUGE Potential. Let´s build the Greatest most Transparent DAO on Web3″ will be rewarded with an increased percentage of the treasury funds allocated to the DAOs for the next season.


Community, Collab Manager

Swajit (BlAD3) has worked in Sports, Esports/Gaming and now in Web3, he brings 5 years of work experience with a specialisation in Operations, Customer Success & Community Management. He joined web3 in April 2022 and has been killing it with his sense of humour.




Nicoletta is a talented digital artist with a passion for creating beautiful works of art. She specializes in creating digital paintings, using a range of digital tools and techniques to bring her subjects to life. She draws inspiration from nature and the world around her, she often explores themes of beauty, emotion, and human connection in her art.


Gfx Designer, Web

Bouncy fell in love with blockchain technology in 2018, but it wasn’t until 2021 that he was able to start investing in crypto, when he discovered NFTs and married the technology. Known as a graphic designer, filmmaker and music producer, his entire life was involved in art. 


Community Manager

Jasmine is an African based community manager started her crypto journey late 2019. Started working full time in the web3 space early 2021 and has been able to work as a moderator and a community manager in few projects. With her experience, she will help in managing with other team members to build the greatest DAO.